Thursday, November 21, 2019

Engineering Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Engineering Management - Research Paper Example An engineer is supposed to study the principles of engineering management if he wants to become a successful professional in the field of engineering because the increasing competition in the market due to the limitations put up by the scarcity of resources has made it mandatory for the engineers for have a basic knowledge of management and planning strategies which were deemed as unnecessary for the engineers in past. Engineers are supposed to develop a knowledge of financial management, marketing strategies, risk management in addition to project management techniques in order to excel in the field of engineering and this knowledge should be gained before going out in the field (Shainis, Dekom & McVinney, 1995). I got my first experience of working as an engineer when I worked as a chemical engineering intern in a fertilizer plant. My stay at the organization and the plant was very knowledgeable experience as I managed to spend some time in each of the various operational sections of the organization. My knowledge of the various engineering management sessions helped me a lot during the planning and execution of the various projects which were assigned to me during my work at various sections in the organization and I managed to complete all of the projects whether they were related to research, design or operation with great success and thus I realized the importance of the study of engineering principles in order to become a successful engineering professional.

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