Friday, February 28, 2020

Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Management - Assignment Example We have to sufficiently agile to adapt as the road winds and be foresightful about what might be ahead.† (Gratton, 1998 14). Therefore the role of HR functions in today’s organizations can not be limited to a few traditional aspects of management of people. The overall role of HR functions with respect to managing people is to ensure that the organization achieves all its short term and long term objectives. In order to do so the HR functions must take steps, guide and support the organization on all matters related to the workforce of the organization. One of the primary roles of HR functions is to act as a change agent. HR function is vital in delivering cultural change and organizational transformation. Therefore the role of HR in facilitating and managing change with respect to employees is crucial for an organization. The various other aspects of managing people that HR function will play a role is in training and development, performance evaluation and appraisals, developing healthy relation among the employees and, between the employees and management, designing and development of HR strategies, policies and practices (Armstrong, 2006). First line supervisors or managers play an important role in managing people with an organization. First line managers and supervisors are the gateway of communication between the management and the employees at the grass root level. It is the first line managers who have first hand experience of the day to conditions at the work place. There are in the best position to sense and discover changes or routines in the employee attitude. Also it is the first line managers with whom the employees communicate about any issues at the workplace (Tyson & York, 2000). The employees relate to the first line managers and their experiences with the first line manager primarily formulate their experience with the organization. Therefore, the cooperation and involvement of first line mangers in the designing HRM strategies, policies and practices is important. Also they are vital for the implementation of the HRM strategies and policies. The management of the employees on a day to day basis is carried out by the first line mangers and not the HR executives. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the first line mangers to ensure the effective implementation of the various HR strategies and polices (Gratton, 1999). The HR Director and the executives of the HR team are responsible for insuring that all the HR policies and practices are implemented within the organization. It is their responsibility to design the HR policies and practices as well as ensure that it is implemented. But it is not possible to implement these policies and practices themselves. They need to take the assistance of various managers and supervisors down the line to ensure that these policies and practices are understood by everyone in the organization and at the same time implemented effectively to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. The immediate responsibility of the performance of employees will be that of the line managers and supervisors. But the responsibility of the overall performance of the employees of an organization is that of the HR teams. One of the main purposes of HR teams is to ensure the full potential of the employees is extracted. It is the responsib

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