Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Youth and gambling problem Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Youth and gambling problem - Essay Example The third group involves individuals with some kind of neurological or Neuro-chemical dysfunction. This group is highly vulnerable to problem gambling due to impulsivity and attention deficits (Blaszczynski 2000). Such importance and high emphasize on problem gambling lead to the discussion of impacts that these gambling patterns have on the youth which is the major part of our society and upcoming future. The gambling behaviors in youngsters are closely related to their exposure to gambling in their childhood. They start gambling as an adoption of behaviors they experienced in childhood and if they win in the start their greed to win more empowers them to continue gambling. In the losing phase, they are more likely to win back what they had lost earlier. This urge and empowerment leads to desperation and motivation to bring more money with legal or illegal activities and stay in the game. Such desperation mostly resulted in illegal activities like cheating, stealing, robbing, nonpay ment of debts and so on (Hales 2006, pp. 305-307; National Research Council (US) 1999, pp. 169-171). Effects of Problem Gambling on Youth: Health effects: The younger generation is often exposed to other dangers when they involve in gambling within casinos, gaming zones and other areas covered by private owners. The addiction of gambling alone brings psychological disorders, attention deficits, depression, violent behaviors and aggression. In addition to these threats to psychological and physical well being of younger generation, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, tobacco and other addictives available in the play premises also affect their habits and behaviors towards the addictive things.... The increasingly easier opportunities for gaming and wagering available to clubs, hotels, casinos, gaming zones and increased games of chance like X-Lotto, scratch-tickets, sports betting, internet gambling, Bingo etc. in such places exposes gambling to the younger generation more prominently than ever. Advancements in technology resulted in some easier modes of accessibility to gambling. Internet and mobiles are the best sources of easily available components to youth for card games gambling, betting and so on. The increasing use of electronic gaming machines (EGM) in such places help the owners to attract more youngsters and involve them in gambling easily. The impacts of gaming and wagering due to the high exposure of electronic gambling to the youth has been a point of debate among the researchers in legislative, social, economic and cultural fields. Sports bars and ‘events based wagering’ are two important areas of discussion for their impacts on the youth as these are specifically aimed to target younger population. We can say that problem gambling cannot be described simply as a social behavior as generic, neurological, psychological and biological effects are also involved in describing the problem gambling behaviors. The negative impacts discussed are important to be addressed and restricted. Problem gambling may influence a child’s social, personal, economic, financial and educational life negatively. Hence, awareness and restrictions on gambling for children and younger population is necessary. The role of parents, elder siblings and teachers cannot be ignored in this regard as youngsters tend to adopt behaviors which they observe in their loved ones.

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